AWLA held its annual Dame Silvia Cartwright lecture this year at the Northern Club on the 5th of September. The turnout was absolutely amazing, and this year's speaker, Chief Coronor Judge Deborah Marshall, gave a riveting talk.

Judge Deborah Marshall's address spanned her entire career path, ranging from her time in law enforcement to her time as an air stewardess before she joined the legal profession. She spoke candidly about navigating a career in law (both as a detective and as a commercial lawyer) as a woman, and hearing from someone who had a background in other industries was both enlightening and informative. 

The turnout at the event was great, and women of all ages and areas of the profession attended. The AWLA Executive Committee did an excellent job organising the event at The Northern Club, and the ambience as well as the catering was a hit with the attendees. Thank you to all who attended - we hope that you will join us at the next event for the year - the AWLA Christmas Dinner!


Photos are up here.