Attendees with Justice Christine Gordon

Alicia Murray and Justice Christine Gordon

Anna Parker, Sarah Wilson, Kellie Arthur and Sarah-Michelle Washer

Alicia Murray and Charlene Fairnie

Charlene Fairnie, Nicky Hall and Michelle Bowen

Emilee Clark and Eugenia Woo

Emma Smith, Sarah Farnell and Shai Navot

Janelle Simpson, Alicia Murray, Janna McGuigan and Jenny Cooper QC

Janna McGuigan and Stephanie Aquilina-Little

Justice Christine Gordon

Kerryn Webster, Claire Brighton and Natalie Foster

Sarah Alawi and Sarah Wilson

Siobhan Patia and Janelle Danielson

Stephanie Aquilina-Little and Kellie Arthur

Members of the AWLA Committee 2018 with Justice Christine Gordon

William Fussey, Emma Smith and Sarah Farnell

Yogi Govender, Rachel Oldham-Ormiston and Katie Hogan