Ladies! Today is International Women's Day and in honour of this year's theme #BeBoldForChange here are some ideas of what you can do to partake today:
Wear red. For some it's the colour of resistance, revolt and revolution, for others it's symbolises the sacrifices made by our suffragette sisters. And practically, it's [damn] hard to miss the female lawyers if you're all in red. Visible solidarity all round.
Put away the wallet. Don't make any purchases tomorrow or if you do, make a conscious effort to buy from small local businesses or from women-owned companies. Remind the economy of our collective purchasing power.
But do donate. Donate some time, clothes or make a financial donation to an organisation which aims to make a difference to women's lives such as the Women's Refuge.
If you'd like to read more about the International Women's Day, to see what is happened in other parts of the world, or to know more about the AWLA please click on the below link or get in contact with us.
Until then, we'll be painting the town red today.