The workshop's purpose was to help women lawyers take charge of their career and help them to realise their underlying potential. It was a practical and interactive one day workshop attended by a variety of lawyers from different law firms across Auckland and the rest of the country.


The workshop originated because Miriam had decided to team up with Andrea after attending one of her workshops a few years back and had wanted to share her knowledge to assist women in the law, a topic she is very passionate about. Their pairing made for an incredible day and everyone in room was fully engaged and by the end we all had more clarity around our individual behavioural styles and career vision.

Some feedback from participants included:

  • Great mix of excellent theory and good practical advice and examples
  • Fantastic!! Loved every moment
  • Superb – one of the best sessions I have attended
  • Very relevant examples. Excellent info!
  • Anna commented “it was an inspiring day that gave me real practical insights to help develop my career and the wisdom shared within the room was incredible. Not only did the women in the room learn a lot but we have since formed an informal catch up group to continue working on our career goals set in the workshop”.

    AWLA highly recommends this day, and after the fantastic response to the workshop ADLSI plans to offer the course again in Auckland. Any interested participants that wish to bring the course to their location should contact